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This was not the typical gallery experience!


Passionate about the arts and surrounded by artists of all horizons, Haley Mclane hosted an art show event (phenomenon). What started out as a simple idea to have an art party, turned into a mix of 33 artists, 150+ works of art and over 300 guests. Throw in 6 live DJ's, a spoken word artists, a meditation pyramid, and there you have it, An Exquisite Mess.

This event was incredibly colourful, both literally and figuratively. People from all walks of life were together in one home as artists, art lovers, and party people.Guests were transcended into a world of imagination and creativity. The energy lingered for days after the doors were closed. 

Bruna Magalhaes Photography_Haley Lavin
Sadie Brockbank 'Horse and Riders'
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