We bring your digital brand to life in your physical space.

HALEY MCLANE is an independent full-service design firm focused on creating branded environments and boutique headquarters. We translate the unique qualities of a company’s brand and culture into a physical environment.

Our deep understanding of employee experience, team collaboration and how individuals inhabit space, allows us to enhance conversation, increase work output and encourage collaboration.   

Our clients generally hail from the technology startup world. They want a unique work environment that helps attract new talent while enhancing their existing team's productivity.

Our clients understand that their office is a physical representation of who they are publicly and internally. The goal is to represent their brand and culture to clients, prospects and investors in a true and compelling way.


The spaces we form reflect the characters of each company's brand. Every design feels as unique as the companies we serve. No two projects are alike, and no project is too small.

Haley McLane Ltd, London      |       Haley McLane LLC, Boston